FileJoker Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of FileJoker Premium Account?

FileJoker Premium Account allows you to fully enjoy everything FileJoker has to offer. You get unlimited storage space, unlimited upload and download speed, you can work with files of all sizes, download several files at the same time at maximum speed, pause and resume downloads, there are no wait times.

What's the difference between Filejoker Premium and Premium VIP?

FileJoker has two types of Premium account. One is regular Premium and another one is highly extended Premium VIP option. For a little more money you get more than triple available download traffic, full anonymity while downloading, encrypted traffic preferential treatment, online video streaming of MP4 files and much more!

How secure is FileJoker?

FileJoker utilizes state of the art 256-bit data and traffic encryption with RSA, ensuring your privacy is always protected. Top level SSL technology protects whatever actions you do on site and keeps your info safe at the moment of purchase. FileJoker security is on par with what world’s top banks use in their on-line security setups.

How safe is Premium Account purchase process?

FileJoker has a lot of payment options. Each and every single one is fully secure against any wrongdoers. We adhere to the most strict standards imposed by VISA/MC and other prominent payment providers.

How fast will I get my Premium Account after payment?

Immediately. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of your Premium Account right after the purchase.

What payment methods are available?

FileJoker Premium Account can be purchased via several credit card options, all major cards are accepted. You can also buy an account using PayPal where available, Bitcoin, bank transfer and various other local methods.

What if payment method I’m looking for is not supported?

In this case, you can always check out the resellers and find the payment method that you need.

Resellers – who are they?

Sometimes, in various countries and under different circumstances people can’t use or do not wish to use direct payment methods available, therefore FileJoker utilizes help of trusted resellers. Reseller is a type of business that can sell you FileJoker Premium account and take your payment via locally available or otherwise preferred method of payment that is not represented on directly.

Can I trust Resellers?

Yes, of course. All resellers go through very rigorous vetting process to ensure the same safety and payment security standards are observed.

How do I buy via Reseller?

All you need to do, is click on Local Payments or Resellers buttons on FileJoker Premium page and then select the Reseller that most suits your needs from the list. After completing the purchase, reseller will issue you a special Premium Coupon code, that you will need to activate in order to upgrade your account to Premium.

How to activate Reseller’s code?

You need to register and/or log in to your FileJoker account, go to My Account menu, click on green Activate button and then enter your code into the box.

Are there any discounts?

FileJoker often runs various sales and events allowing you to buy Premium Account at significant discount. FileJoker also has a permanent discount offer. If you pay via Bitcoin, you get 10% extra Premium days with your purchase!

How much can I download with my Premium Account.

You can download 60 GB within any 5 consecutive days period with regular Premium account and 300 GB within any 5 consecutive days period with Premium VIP. Your limit renews automatically. You can use your entire limit in one day, but please keep in mind that it will reset after 5 days in this case. If you use parts of your available limit, it will automatically reset accordingly to the usage.

What if I have reached my limit, but would like to download more?

In case you have reached your download limit, you may do an early reset by renewing your account for any term available or you can wait until it resets automatically. If you decide to renew, please make sure you don’t create multiple automatic subscription. Contact support to double check.

What is Subscription?

Several credit card payment options come with auto renewing subscriptions. FileJoker very clearly warns customers about that at the moment of purchase, please pay attention to what’s written on the pages when paying.

How do I cancel my subscription?

The easiest way to cancel subscription is to contact FileJoker support and ask for it. You will also have cancellation instructions along with your Premium Account information sent to you by email after the purchase.

How do I download using my Premium Account?

First, you need to log in to your FileJoker Account. After you have done that, simply follow or paste a link to any file that you need to download in your browser. There will be a page with Get Download Link button. You need to click on that in order to generate your unique, encrypted download link that you will use for download. For your security and privacy, this direct link will only be accessible from your IP for 12 hours. You do not have to generate many links at the same time, only do the ones you will actually download.

What download speed will I get with my Premium Account?

Download speed for FileJoker Premium Account holders is unlimited and only depends on how good your provider’s connection to our servers is.

Does FileJoker have an app for mobile devices?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it does. You will find links to download the app on the Premium page.

Does FileJoker support download managers?

Yes, it does. Download manager is a very convenient way to manage multiple downloads and all Premium account holders can enjoy that. Using download manager takes away the hustle and actually increases effectiveness of your download process. You can Google for good download manager that you like or take our suggestion and pick among these tested and proven ones

Does FileJoker have night mode in its design theme?

Yes, if regular color pattern of FileJoker design theme is uncomfortable for you during the night, you can always switch to Night Mode in My Account menu and have a more pleasant, less taxing experience for your vision.

What if my question isn’t here?

Should you have any more question, need assistance or wish to make a suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact FileJoker support at any time.