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Filejoker Account Review

About fileJoker

Welcome to the information page fully dedicated to, one of the best, most reliable and trustworthy cloud storage service.

FileJoker was created back in 2013 in response to rapidly growing demand for cloud storage service. Since its inception, the main goal of FileJoker is to provide its customers with high quality, secure and private services.

FileJoker team understands that modern world places certain demands on a cloud storage and it has tried to build a picture perfect infrastructure for its customers with great focus on ease of use and functionality.

Basic use is built around one thing – it’s customers. In its most basic form, FileJoker can be used completely free of charge and without having to register an account. This is good enough to access a share from a friend, close family member or coworker. Unregistered user can download whatever data they need at limited speed.

Registered user

Once you’ve spend a few seconds to register an account, still free, you can do a lot more.
You get a massive amount of storage space, 50 GB free! This is unprecedented amount of storage space available to free registered user, period.
You get an ability to upload huge files and use FileJoker as personal cloud storage. The use cases are many from personal to business, whatever you need. FileJoker prides itself on high level of security and privacy and even without Premium Account, you can enjoy encrypted traffic and data.

Premium account

When you buy FileJoker Premium account, you get a lot more options and possibilities than on any number of more massive cloud storage services for fraction of the price. For example, with Premium account you get Unlimited storage space.

It is hard to imagine these days, but FileJoker does give you an ability to not worry about how much data you can upload, store, share, transfer. These days, even pictures take up a lot more space than they used to and at the same time storage space has never been this expensive!

By staying true to its customers and putting customer’s needs on top, FileJoker has built a very user friendly and worry free platform that can handle any data storage and transfer needs you might have while maintaining highest standards of privacy, security and affordability.

Apart from unlimited storage space, you as Premium account holder will enjoy various other benefits such as unlimited file size and unlimited speed for both upload and download. There are no waiting time, no annoying captchas and other things typical of this type of business.

Note Recently FileJoker introduced a new type of account called Premium VIP. This type of an account allows customers to download over three times as much data, provides much bigger storage and includes a host of extra security and convenience features such as: completely anonymous downloads, fully encrypted traffic, unlimited file size and priority Uplink channels, which guarantee highest possible download speed even in peak conditions and most importantly online video streaming of MP4 files!

How to buy filejoker premium

Filejoker Premium Page

Buying FileJoker Premium account is easy! All you have to do is visit the Premium or Sign Up page.
If you have an account it is always a good idea to log in first. If you do not have an account, do not worry, one will automatically be created for you in the process.

FileJoker offers a lot of payment methods and you should have no issues paying for a Premium account.

Note Try to avoid using proxies or anything similar during the purchase as you payment may be declined as result.

Otherwise the process is very self explanatory. After you have completed the payment, you will be able to enjoy your Premium benefits right away. Make sure that informational email from FileJoker is not in your SPAM folder and you are good to go!

Customer service

Although FileJoker is very easy to use, it is understandable that every now and then customers may need some assistance. For that, FileJoker has dedicated customer service team. You can contact them by going to Contact Us page and filling out the form. You can also email support team directly if that’s more convenient for you.

Filejoker contacts

Contact Form

There is also a big section of this site devoted to frequently asked questions that has comprehensive information about how to use FileJoker. Check it out first if you have any issues!